Identifying ways of living, moving and consuming that protect the environment and promote health and health equity

INHERIT (INter-sectoral Health and Environment Research for InnovaTion) is about stimulating effective policies, practices and innovations that address key environmental stressors of health and the underlying causes of health inequity.

This Horizon 2020 research project (2016-2019) aims to encourage us to modify our current lifestyles, characterized by a ‘take, make, consume, dispose’ models of growth, to formulate scenarios for a more sustainable future, and to design, implement and test inter-sectoral initiatives to achieve the desired change.

  • Duration
    INHERIT is a 48-month / 4-year (2016-2019) Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission
  • Consortium
    INHERIT consists of 18 partners from around Europe led by EuroHealthNet. See more details here: Consortium Partners
  • Budget
    5,952,902.50 Euros

For an overview of our work and outputs, see our Key Outcomes booklet.

INHERIT is a four-year (2016-2019) Horizon 2020 research initiative funded by the European Commission, bringing together 18 partners from across Europe. It aims to stimulate effective policies, practices and innovations that simultaneously restore the environment, whilst promoting health and health equity – in other words, that enable a ‘triple-win’.

INHERIT focuses on the areas of living (green space and energy efficient housing), moving (active transport) and consuming (food consumption and production), encouraging us to modify our current lifestyles, char- acterised by a ‘take, make, consume, dispose’ model of growth. INHERIT has formulated scenarios for a more sustainable future and has designed, implemented and tested intersectoral initiatives to achieve the triple-win.

This booklet brings together the results of the four-year initiative, which are relevant to professionals across different sectors (health, environment, food, education, energy, transport, etc.), to policymakers at EU, national, regional and local level, and to individuals across generations who can be inspired to take action.